I mark the beginning of my life as that day in May 1960, when at the age of 13, lying in a hospital bed for almost a month, the Harvard trained, world renowned surgeon, Dr. Potter,entered my room with his ‘gang’ of attending nurses, residents, interns, oncologists, etc along with my parents to tell me the ‘good news’. “We can save your life.” is what i think he said, at first, but what I heard above all else was, “We have to amputate your leg!”

What has followed since that day is the most extraordinary series of events, happenstances, sitcom worthy situations, good fortunes, adversities, obstacles, mountain peaks, setbacks, deep relationships, heartbreaks, anger, elation, joy, fear, confrontation, searching, arriving, more setbacks, obstacles, adversities, and finally, courage, peace, love and joy.

This blog is a mishmash of stories that chronicle this amazing roller coaster ride that I have been blessed to experience. There will be musings, teachings, life lessons, attitudes, stories, transformations, observations and creations whose purpose is to edify, educate, enlighten and entertain.

I pray that I will convey pieces that connect with the reader, viewer, listener, to enable me to make an emotional connection with the reader to give them a ‘feeling’ that only i can give them.

I thank you for being with me to this point and for continued thanks if you choose to share life’s ride with me.


Tom Hayes

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