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Resilience in the face of Adversity

super bowl 2015

How sweet it is! After a two week media blitz accusing them of malicious intent, iniquity, depravity, cheating, etc. the Patriots got their day in court. It was all laid out, the arena, the media, the fans, the fanfare. The curtain lifted and the drama unfolded. Brady executed a custom designed attack of short passes to Amendola and Edelman to offset Seattle’s blitzkrieg of sacks and flypaper secondary coverage. A series of successes and failures were answered by Seattle and halftime brought a tied game. Then the adversity.

Seattle pulled ahead and their blitz found Brady. The Patriots were stopped cold. It seemed only a matter of time before Brady’s description of ‘mental toughness’ took hold. Year after year the combination of Kraft, Belichick and Brady produced unequalled trophies and records in the history of the NFL. Consistently finishing first in the AFC and qualifying for post game playoffs and three super bowls, the Patriots were still circumspect as to whether the term, ‘dynasty’ was real or valid.

Super Bowl XLIX was the battleground that left all questions mostly answered. The Patriots now have four super bowl championships, Brady is only one of four NFL quarterbacks to win four superbowls, the only one to play in six, and the most TD passes in super bowl history. Never mind the record breaking wins and seasons. A now unchallenged dynasty.

When interviewed before the game, Russell Wilson, Seatlle’s quarterback said that the thing that he admired most about Brady was his strength in the ‘clutch’. And that brings us back to mental toughness. Brady is a master of staying focused and intent on the ‘kill’, the win, the championship. Every thing about him, Belichick, the organization, the style of play, event the uniforms is absolute class. And it is only by rebounding time and time again from the adversity of the big losses to the likes of the Giants, Denver, etc. that the team and Brady were able to forge a machine that is historic in stature. Go Pats!

“DMT, The Spirit Drug”

DMT The Spirit Molecule

Just found this youtube video about an LSD experiment on a woman volunteer in the 1950’s. It totally exemplifies the events and experiences that subjects experienced in the experiments that were done with DMT and the effects it has on the pineal gland in the brain. The universal message is that we are all one and that everything is one- NO SEPARATION! The book and this video are fascinating delineating that what we think we see with our senses and limited scope of our mind’s brainwashing and what is possible are eons apart.

Letter to Friend, Tom Venus, in response to all the media attention to ‘Deflategate’…

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 3.08.52 PMa-thoughtfull-pen-writing-3647581-2560-1702


—–Original Message—–
From: Thomas Hayes
To: limegarden Sent: Wed, Jan 28, 2015 11:24 pm
Subject: Re: New Product from Cialis…Just in Time for the Big Game!

mais oui, monsieur!!! tu parle la veritas…perdonnez-mois pour le faux-pas. C’est un problem tres grave, mais no!!!! Je sais maintenant que les gains d’efficience du monstre/gouvernement d’entreprise qui n’a pas seulement créé un système abusif, exploiteur mais a convaincu habilement les esclaves qu’il est optimal!!!!
oh the pain of being a Taoist and having the slightest inclination of what ‘The Way’ is. As John Kenneth Galbraith so aptly put in his work, ‘The Affluent Society’, “It is a far far better thing to have a firm anchor in nonsense than to embark on the dangerous seas of thoughts.”

Amen…love you bro!! in short, we are fkd!!!! but what does one expect…in the late 60’s as we studied, conversed, debated, (used our fkn brains and mouths), played ball, chased women, partied, danced, listened to the genius of the Beatles and Stones and challenged the ‘Establishment’ but also saw the emergence of the most pernicious totalitarian movement of the ‘feminists’ brandishing the virtues of ‘career’ over kids and family and traditional values and a movement with its basis and M/O founded on hatred and a position of victimization throughout time and to turn that into an advantage to claim and establish themselves as a minority and grab the limelight from the blacks, gays, and student anti-war movement to gain dominance for their cause and leave the traditional values that are the core of any society and abandon the youth for a ‘fkn career’ pushing papers in some gov’t office or insurance company and call it a ‘career’ and pay some poor undereducated non-invested individual to bring up your kid for 8+ hours a day so you can slip them a meal out of a package and thrown into a microwave and watch the evening news as the offspring sit silently woolfing down some crap and then tuck them into bed to begin the whole process over again the next day…OMG no wonder these kids are fkd they don’t know what the fk it means to live a normal life w a family or relatives or neighbors or friends, blah, blah, blah….it makes me sick and the poor fools will not only comply with the status-quo, they will assume it’s their patriotic right to defend it with their kids lives fighting some unjustified war in a country that hasn’t got a clue why we are involved in the first place….WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, well as we Taoists know…”it is what it is” …Next….

thanks for the impetus to vent…these poor ‘millenniums’ they never had a chance…nor will their offspring…a true dystopia…ugh!

Tom Hayes
CEO All MIghty Productions, Inc.
Beantown Pals


Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.58.27 PM

The NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) has just confirmed that the release of 2 psi contained in 12 footballs at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Massachusetts on Sunday, January 18, 2015 was enough to trigger the recent shift in Northeast America’s weather pattern.

Just as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can be the cause of a class 8 Hurricane, the recent release of 24 psi (2×12) at the stadium created a high pressure system that indisputably disrupted the uncharacteristically pleasant weather the Northeast had enjoyed to that point initiating optimum conditions for a historic blizzard to pounce on New England and the entire Northeast.

Harold Dipshit, meteorologic expert for the NOAA is reported as confirming that the recent storms and low temperatures are definitely a result of the wrongdoings by the New England Patriots Football Team. “It is situations like the indiscriminate greed and egocentric drive of a malicious and ill intent group of cheaters that will complicate and ruin the lives of innocent victims by disrupting environmental weather systems. More evidence that the Patriots should be banned from football forever and coach Bill Belicheck, quarterback, Tom Brady and franchise owner, Bob Kraft should have their balls deflated in a public ceremony.”

“There is no excuse for this whether intentional or not. The implications of this egregious and sinful act will impact lives for years to come. There is no telling how this shift in the weather will affect global warming, droughts and famine for all mankind in the future, never mind the ethical and moral demise that has scarred the region, America, the Earth and planets far beyond our galaxy. This is something of Biblical proportions! This nefarious act is tantamount to the Nazis Blitzkreig of London, the invasion of Pearl Harbr by the Japanese not to mention the recent genocides on the African continent. The universe will never be the same. Shame, shame, shame on the Patriots, their management, the fans and New England itself.”

It was at this point in the interview that Mr. Dipshit became so overexcited that he released flatulence of immense proportions creating ‘God knows what’ kind of ramifications for the planets and their ecosystems. “This is without a doubt antediluvian in scope!” finished Mr. Dipshit.

“Fooled by Randomness” by Nassim Taleb

fooled by imagesTaleb_mug

My post to Nassim Taleb’s FB page, December 6 2014:

Listening to your treatise, “Fooled by Randomness” and as an optimist/millionaire/entrepreneur surmising what may be theassumed, intended purpose of your work to be one of convincing the risk taker to take ‘the road less travelled’ and adopt a life game plan of avoiding risk so as to survive nauseates me but still I continue…so far I see nothing but a bland, insipid, lackluster lifestyle devoid of passion, zest, and fulfillment of one’s life purpose and DNA.

Your avoidance of metaphysics is totally demonstrated in the formulaic applications of equations and statistics. To quote Alan Watts, “A short life pursuing one’s joy and passion would be highly superior to a life doing to making money in the hope that one day one might be able to life following one’s bliss.”

I beg to ask what’s the point? As far as sampling goes. You talk about the entrepreneurs who ‘lost and assume they all went away. May I beg to ask where? Where Nassim did they go? Did they wither and die in some ditch beside a dumpster? Was that the end outcome Nassim? Or did they do what most intrepid souls do, arise again to overcome the odds once more? Maybe your sample should include those who learned how not to do something like Edison and his 10k+ attempts at a light bulb?

Maybe it is too early yet to quit your treaties? Maybe I should follow your advice and not judge the future by the past? Oh, but the ennui is so, so pervasive and, on that, I will predict that your arguments and tenets will not hold up but suggest some B.F.Skinner, ‘Walden Two’ world where we are protected and safe from the dynamics and vicissitudes and, of course, dangers of our limited brains and should have them entrusted to pedantic pablum of your predilections to peaceful ‘middle of the road-ness’? Ugh! I may need an emesis basin…

Maybe you never have read Kipling’s ‘If” or Teddy Roosevelt’s “It Is Not the Critic Who Counts!” Or even seen “Wall Street” when the anti-hero son is advised by his sagacious father that he just might venture into the real world and not the game of finance and create something rather than ‘trade’ illusory paper. But, forgive me, he forgot to mention the other alternative and suggested something like, “Oh make millions trading illusory paper and in your disposable time write tomes about how to avoid risk and increase your chances of profiting from the trade of illusory paper.