“Mortgage the Farm!”…Howard Hughes (imagine a life without limits)

I had just started a venture- All Mighty Productions- when very early in the process, I viewed ‘The Aviator’ a Martin Scorsese film with Leornado DiCaprio as Howard Hughes. I was mesmerized by Hughes’ commitment to making and completing a blockbuster film at all risks and costs because he believed. He did it after depleting everything he owned and created the largest grossing film ever at the time. It was enough to finance all his future endeavors and projects. In a famous scene, when apprised of the fact that everything but the farm had been mortgaged and spent on the film, he asked what was left. “Only the farm”, remarked the accountant. “Okay, then, mortgage the damn farm!” was Howard’s response. In my pursuit of the ‘Bean’ I did too!

february 6 2013 a beautiful sunny winter day in the low 30’s. it was a day that was a blur of activity. especially an early trip to Boston Medical Center for a routine checkup to find out a family member is recovering and in great health. Whew!

a return home found a letter from my stepdaughters school. the letter was foreshadowed by a harbinger type announcement that a letter (an important message) was forthcoming. the letter was to speak about the ‘future’ of the school. I opened the letter preparing for the worst and read with great consternation and concentration. as i read i found an unconscious, automatic smile on my face. i was reading what seemed incredulous while being absolutely hysterical.

It was an announcement that the ‘librarian teacher’ , Ms. Hall would soon be ‘transitioning’ and receiving a ‘transgender operation’ making her ‘Mr. Hall as of february 25, the date that the school would be returning from February vacation. the stories and laughs were enough to fill journals and fill an entire season of a sitcom. More Later in the form of videos and written blogs.


I am excited to be writing this blog on a site that will enable me to share my thoughts on a myriad of media. Currently, I have many videos on the internet but scattered throughout youtube, personal websites, Facebook, etc. Hopefully, my friends, fans, and family will be able to get my messages and stories here with easy access.

I chose the title, ‘Sharing’ because I recently acquired this Mac pro laptop and am taking classes at the local Apple Store at the South Shore Mall in Braintree, MA.

I asked one of the instructors where the ‘send button’ was under ‘file’. I had been a pc user up until a few weeks ago. He said that Apple calls it ‘share’ and there is a specific button for that. He continued saying that Steven Jobs was ‘big’ into ‘sharing’. I am too. I have learned that it takes guts to share, to be bold enough to give first without worrying about getting something back.

Sharing or ‘paying it forward’ generates more sharing and paying it forward. The world is changing with so many individuals and corporations getting the ‘sharing’ concept and understanding what the Beatles meant when they closed one of their songs with “and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

So , i begin this journey using this space to share some thoughts, lessons, learnings, teachings, comedy, recommendations, video and stories. Thank you for reading and paying attention.

Tom Hayes February 5, 2013