‘Surgery for Fun and Profit’…my final exam! “I am a TV producer!”

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My ‘final’ project in Broadcast School at BNN TV in Roxbury, MA. I interviewed Somali Chief Surgeon and Physiatrist form MGH about the ‘conflict of interest’ of being someone who removes limbs and owns the controlling interest in a Prosthetic company. Dr. Abduhl Mohammed is a proponent of “Surgery for Fun and Profit!” other optional titles for this project: “Me and the Somali!” “Ham and Salami” and so forth. Enjoy!

Beantown Pals ‘Episode One’ of Bucky and Betty


The first episode produced, written and recorded by Tammy Pooler and Tom Hayes.IMG_0480

“Someone Stole My Sneakers!”


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A summer’s day in Southie, trying to catch a nap only to be interrupted by the constant whining of a man who screamed, “Somebody stole my sneakers!” Finally, we made eye contact and he began his ‘cry’. Now, it was my turn. I had to set him straight and I did!

“Crush It!” Gary Vaynerchuck…YES!


By taking the ‘red pill’ (Matrix), I have gone so far down the ‘rabbit hole’ that things are ‘popping into my hologram’ at warp speed. This book came to me in the most bizarre way (as most do). It is perfect for me at this time and I hope that it does the same for you. This book can be your chart to bliss on this earthly plane. This guy has his priorities in total alignment: Family; Work: Passion and why you never have to settle for anything less- EVER!