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Another great work linked to the genius of Steven Jobs. I found this book to come at an apt time when sandwiched between two works on randomness and probability and the consequential concomitant risks.
 Through personal empirical evidence,I have learned, only to well that “are not driving the bus”. That there are external forces beyond our control that bring about outcomes that were not our original intent or desire.
 Here, Steve Jobs again risks over half his net worth in a fledgling ‘Pixar’. The original business plan and MO to sell computer hardware and software. Instead, Disney Corp. comes to the execs and propose a movie deal and ‘the rest is history’.
 So decisions and the ‘best laid plans’, in most cases, do not materialize. Someone or something is driving the bus!

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Double You Failure Rate

Wan t to increase your chances of success then do as the author of, “A Drunkards Walk” suggests double your failure rate! Mlodinow suggests that by increasing your times at bat you increase your chances of a home run….His thesis is that Chance and Randomness have as much to do w success as talent and hard work. Ability is Justine of many factors that contributes to success! He repeats that successful people are simply people who do not quit…so take another swing… What do you have to lose?

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Inter-Dependence? What a concept!!!!!!

I performed at a sixtieth wedding anniversary last evening. It was an event base on, immersed in, and surrounded by love, commitment and respect for each other, family and friends. A total anachronism for today’s “INDEPENDENT” times. a time when dedication to work, working out and self interest take precedence over couple hood, family and community. I could write volumes on this but will leave it for a time when I can generate some real vitriol for the self indulgent/solitude/independent driven culture of today’s America.