“it’s only after we have lost everything that we are free to do anything”…Fight Club…the movie

fight club 3fight club5

So ‘Something’ tells me to watch ‘Fight Club’- a movie I have avoided for years and years thinking it was too violent and just violent with not much entertainment value nor meaning. I was so wrong! And it was not my ‘time’. Now it is. I have lost virtually everything with almost nothing left to lose. I am heading to home stretch in that area and far from being the worst thing to happen, it is the best. What I have lost materially, I have gained spiritually, emotionally, psychically. The adage is absolutely true. “When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.” And in rushes, absence of fear, appreciation of what is important, freedom, values, an instance of never selling out, etc. And so, again, I am led to a movie that validates my current position in life. This has merit on the scale of ‘The Matrix’!Other great quotes: “The ability to let that which does not truly matter…slide!” “STOP TRYING TO CONTROL EVERYTHING AND JUST LET GO!”

“Rush” the movie…

This is an AMAZING film. It is a true story about an incredible rivalry of two men who had no fear of facing death in Formula One racing in the Grand Prix. It continues the thread of so many posts in this blog. These men were born to race. It was their destiny. One of the scenes shows Niki Lauda facing his father who insists he become another in a line of Austrian bankers and economists. Niki defies his wish by telling him that he can only race. If he is to stay true to his soul, he must race. It is where his heart and soul are.

Obviously, Niki makes the right choice. He becomes world champion. James Hunt follows a similar path and the two meet in a legendary rivalry. Niki proves too much for Hunt but when Niki crashes and burns, Hunt makes his move and ultimately edges Lauder out by a mere point. Here is where the movie shows its grit and meaning.

Lauder congratulates Hunt and beseeches him to continue to ‘work’ and race in the coming years. Hunt tells him that he is thru and wants to pursue pleasure. The result is shocking. Lauder continues his quest and passion and ‘works’ on his life’s purpose. Hunt becomes a playboy and the ensuing photos of the real Hunt show his demise till he dies of a heart attack at the age of forty-six.

Again, in the same story line as “The Wolf of Wall Street”, consumption loses out over creativity. Lauder becomes the real hero and winner because he continues to create championships and victories. Hunt deteriorates and is consumed by his consumption. It is always the same: Passion and Purpose win every time…check out the film. It is a “Rush”.


To think that I found this man or better yet, he found me years ago as I was flipping thru channels on an old electric radio on the FM dial on a Sunday morning and heard him asking me in that gorgeous, resonant, beautiful, engaging, captivating voice, “Who do you think you are? Where do you begin and where do you end? Who do you think you are?” After years of studying Western Thought, this man took me to places I had never been or dreamed of. And now thanks to the genius and wonder of the internet, I connect with him so frequently and when he came to me tonight in my search for something else like the ‘Hound of Heaven’ reminding me that this is all play…Life is play…because now, like the Peter Pan I always longed to be, my work is play…every day… and every day I am confronted by the ‘shoulds’ the ‘musts’ the ‘have go’s’, the ‘you better’s’ who want me to do it their way…to conform…to be a model citizen, to be a ‘good lad’ and then good old Alan comes along and says, no reminds me, “Tommy boy, you are doing it right. You are celebrating every day. You are playing. Your ‘work’ is play and you have more and more playmates every day.” Aaaaah, the Secret of Life!!! God Bless You, Alan Watts…I love you! Wherever you reverberate now among the planets and stars…Whooo Hooo!

Back Brace…On April 7, 2014…I almost bought a back brace…almost!


On April 7,2014. I received a call from an illegal Indian call center cell. Well, I don’t know if they were illegal but they certainly could have been a ring of scam artists trying to bilk old people and medicare out of a few bucks to buy a back brace.

When I repeated my name approximately 7 or 8 times without acknowledgement, I decided it was time to become and elderly woman living alone in the house. My caller fell for it hook line and back brace. The fun began. Listen in for the full story…maxresdefault