Tom Hayes with Boston Comedian Legends Don Gavin, Joe Yannetty, Jimmy Dunn, Tony V, Kelly McFarland, Jody Sloane, Lenny Clarke, Steve Sweeney, etc. April, 2014

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Welcome to my comedy page. Please play the videos of my act in concert and at a gig master ‘house party’. If you have the time, please visit the other pages to view the myriad of projects that I am currently working on…Thanks, Tom.


Tom Hayes Biography

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Tom Hayes entered the Boston Comedy Scene in the mid 1980’s when he won ‘Showtime Cable’s Funniest Person Award’; the same year that Ellen DeGeneresTV After Oprahwon the national title. In Boston, he shared the stage with legendaries like Paula Poundstone, Stephen Wright, Denis Leary,denis leary Joe Rogan, Tom Cotter, John Pinnate, Dane Cook, Louis CKLouis_CK_a_l_0 etc. who were making inroads on the national comedy scene. He also opened for such national acts as The Four Tops, The Four Seasons, Henny Youngman, Phyllis Diller, The Smothers Brothers7741a while playing clubs in Las Vegas and Second City in Chicago.

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Coincidentally, he maintained a second career as a sales and marketing executive with Fuji Medical Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Fuji Photo, Inc. As a result, Tom is well versed on the corporate world’s high standards of social etiquette and decorum.


Currently he is CEO for a toy and animation property, ‘Beantown Pals’ and is working with the Emmy Award winning producer of Thomas the Train.Thomas_Tank_Engine_1 He continues to perform his stand up for clubs, corporations and charitable organizations while doing voice over acting and writing books, scripts and other content for his upcoming animation project.

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With a MA in Economics from the University of Connecticut, Tom also works as a corporate impostor disguising himself in mutually crafted characters with corporate clients, posing from a myriad of roles such as university professors, medical doctors, CEOs, clients, and industry luminaries. In these presentations, unlike most comedians, Tom customizes his content to the specifications of the client, highlighting particular team players, corporate issues and client topics.

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A survivor of a rare form of cancer known as osteosarcoma, Tom is an amputee who is a well renowned as an inspirational speaker and lecturer.



Recent email from corporate client Swenson Granite Corp. : “What impressed me and others most was your recall ability”


I want to thank you for probably sending me back to the hospital, as I had hernia surgery at the end of last year, and I think I tore some stitches out, I laughed so hard!

Seriously, I am fine, though pleasantly sore from the laughter. We all thought you did a great job with a nice mix of humor. I was watching other folks around to gauge their reactions, and there was genuine laughing responses all around. Well, except for the “Candy Crush” player, but she’s a hard one to please anyway, so don’t take that personally J


Your knowledge of New England really make your jokes resonate, and you distributed the jabs well between all the states. Your topics were just edgy enough to garner interest without going to that place where folks start squirming in their seats and looking at their watches, so well-done on that score as well.

What impressed me and others the most was your recall ability. Everyone kept asking me “did he visit the stores to get all that information about us?” How you remembered the specifics about each person that I gave to you I’m not sure, but it was flawless, and really set things off. I think you even convinced Dennis to swear off lipstick-wearing forever (or at least until he visits Ogunquit again this summer).

Thanks again Tom, and to you Rob for recommending him for our party. It was perfect and a great change of pace for us. This will be talked about until next year’s party I’m sure.


From: Thomas Hayes []

Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2015 12:04 AM
To: David Duford
Cc: Rob Steen
Subject: Re: equipment needs for the Swenson Granite party


 Great time! Great people! Great laughs! Thanks so much…it made a horrible ride worth it!!!


My response to his email:

“Wow!!!! Dave, Thanks sooooo much!!! Times have been a bit tough for comedy lately, so this could not come at a better time!! No matter what kind of performance a comic delivers -good or bad- no one will ever pen a report or testimonial the likes of what you have just done. So, again, thanks mucho!!RideIn2011_108It was a really tough haul to get there but it is always worth it when one can generate real fun and laughter- a true party- and no matter how great the comedian, we are only as good as our audience.

I try to encourage other comics to learn their clients and audience. It doesn’t take much to craft a great show when you keep the client as a priority and abandon your own ego. I pride myself in taking the time and the rewards are what we shared the other night- fun for all!
I was and am really impressed with the history and tradition of Swenson. Amazing what the dreams and work of one man will achieve when put to resolve and hard work. Obviously, there is a great legacy as anyone can see who visits your site and sees the video and reads the history. Bravo! It was evident that his dream is still alive and well with the camaraderie that I witnessed Saturday.
I had a team of over 25 sales execs as a regional manager for Fuji Medical Systems and know the importance and significance of team building and bonding. You and your team are a great example of that importance.
I only hope we meet again sometime. Please give my regards to the group and share this if you wish. And, yes,Headliners-Comedy-Club2_grid_6 Rob does know how to match a comedian to a client! He does a super job!
Tom Hayes”

yannetty's fundraiser tom  hayes
With Comedians: Sal Valtano, Paul Gilligan and Dave Russo at Joe Yannetty’s Benefit at Giggles.

Recording ‘Beantown Pals’ with comedian, Tammy Pooler…shows are aired on


Characters from Beantown Pals Animation and Radio Show
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Wacky Commercial for Beantown Pals Radio Show…”Cinderella’s Ash Removal and Cleaning Services”…



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