Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?…Jane Kenyon

Welcome, fellow travelers! If you are an entrepreneur; want to be an entrepreneur, (artist, writer, actor, comedian,etc.); want to be free (in the truest sense); then this article by Jane Kenyon is for you. No one has ever put it more succinctly, solidly or sincerely. This is what it takes. Notice, money does not and is not the issue. Money is only the benchmark, the life blood, the sustenance to keep the dream and the business going and moving forward. Other than that, it is not enough to sustain the true entrepreneur. As Ms. Kenyon says, it is passion, creativity and the concurrent non-material rewards that keep an entrepreneur alive and motivated. It is those reasons that took me out of retirement and back into the world of commerce and creativity- not ‘the cash’. I had ‘the cash’. ‘The cash’ was not enough to keep me motivated thru life. I needed the challenge, the interaction, the utilization of my skill set, etc. As Miley Cyrus says in her song, ‘The Climb’…”It’s not the mountain, it’s the climb.” And, “There’ll always be another mountain…” So, if you have any inkling, desire, yearning to be ‘free’…Read on!

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Jane Kenyon


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