Let IT Be…


Tom’s Food For Thought You know how the rest goes…”Mother Mary comes to me singing words of wisdom; let it be; let it be.”

We all know that Paul McCartney is a very wise man. He is a musical and lyrical genius. He demonstrated abundant truth and beauty in his writings and work.

The story is that he was in a ‘time of trouble’ and he dreamed that his deceased mother, Mary, came to him and uttered those words; hence- the immortal song.

What Mary told Paul in the dream is wisdom from the ages. It is what the ‘masters’ have always told us, “We are not alone.” “We are connected to a ‘Life Force’ that is bigger than ourselves and we are part of that bigger ‘Something’.

The more we trust and look to that Source for guidance and support then we understand that our problems will be resolved in the appropriate and optimum time for the greatest good of all.

For sure, mystics, scientists, religious leaders and successful people know that there is one Universal Mind from which we get our ideas, inspirations and comfort.

In that Universal Mind are the answers to all our concerns. Carl Jung knew this, Mozart knew this and Paul McCartney is telling us the same truth; this Mind knows everything and will return to us whatever we sow and request.

All we have to do is believe, trust and ask and it will give us the answers- the ‘what’ we are looking for and it will provide the ‘how’; but to do this, we need to be patient and “let it be; let it be; there will be answer- let it be!” When I Find Myself In Times Of Trouble…

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