Letter to Friend, Tom Venus, in response to all the media attention to ‘Deflategate’…

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From: Thomas Hayes
To: limegarden Sent: Wed, Jan 28, 2015 11:24 pm
Subject: Re: New Product from Cialis…Just in Time for the Big Game!

mais oui, monsieur!!! tu parle la veritas…perdonnez-mois pour le faux-pas. C’est un problem tres grave, mais no!!!! Je sais maintenant que les gains d’efficience du monstre/gouvernement d’entreprise qui n’a pas seulement créé un système abusif, exploiteur mais a convaincu habilement les esclaves qu’il est optimal!!!!
oh the pain of being a Taoist and having the slightest inclination of what ‘The Way’ is. As John Kenneth Galbraith so aptly put in his work, ‘The Affluent Society’, “It is a far far better thing to have a firm anchor in nonsense than to embark on the dangerous seas of thoughts.”

Amen…love you bro!! in short, we are fkd!!!! but what does one expect…in the late 60’s as we studied, conversed, debated, (used our fkn brains and mouths), played ball, chased women, partied, danced, listened to the genius of the Beatles and Stones and challenged the ‘Establishment’ but also saw the emergence of the most pernicious totalitarian movement of the ‘feminists’ brandishing the virtues of ‘career’ over kids and family and traditional values and a movement with its basis and M/O founded on hatred and a position of victimization throughout time and to turn that into an advantage to claim and establish themselves as a minority and grab the limelight from the blacks, gays, and student anti-war movement to gain dominance for their cause and leave the traditional values that are the core of any society and abandon the youth for a ‘fkn career’ pushing papers in some gov’t office or insurance company and call it a ‘career’ and pay some poor undereducated non-invested individual to bring up your kid for 8+ hours a day so you can slip them a meal out of a package and thrown into a microwave and watch the evening news as the offspring sit silently woolfing down some crap and then tuck them into bed to begin the whole process over again the next day…OMG no wonder these kids are fkd they don’t know what the fk it means to live a normal life w a family or relatives or neighbors or friends, blah, blah, blah….it makes me sick and the poor fools will not only comply with the status-quo, they will assume it’s their patriotic right to defend it with their kids lives fighting some unjustified war in a country that hasn’t got a clue why we are involved in the first place….WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, well as we Taoists know…”it is what it is” …Next….

thanks for the impetus to vent…these poor ‘millenniums’ they never had a chance…nor will their offspring…a true dystopia…ugh!

Tom Hayes
CEO All MIghty Productions, Inc.
Beantown Pals

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