“Mortgage the Farm!”…Howard Hughes (imagine a life without limits)

I had just started a venture- All Mighty Productions- when very early in the process, I viewed ‘The Aviator’ a Martin Scorsese film with Leornado DiCaprio as Howard Hughes. I was mesmerized by Hughes’ commitment to making and completing a blockbuster film at all risks and costs because he believed. He did it after depleting everything he owned and created the largest grossing film ever at the time. It was enough to finance all his future endeavors and projects. In a famous scene, when apprised of the fact that everything but the farm had been mortgaged and spent on the film, he asked what was left. “Only the farm”, remarked the accountant. “Okay, then, mortgage the damn farm!” was Howard’s response. In my pursuit of the ‘Bean’ I did too!

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