Resilience in the face of Adversity

super bowl 2015

How sweet it is! After a two week media blitz accusing them of malicious intent, iniquity, depravity, cheating, etc. the Patriots got their day in court. It was all laid out, the arena, the media, the fans, the fanfare. The curtain lifted and the drama unfolded. Brady executed a custom designed attack of short passes to Amendola and Edelman to offset Seattle’s blitzkrieg of sacks and flypaper secondary coverage. A series of successes and failures were answered by Seattle and halftime brought a tied game. Then the adversity.

Seattle pulled ahead and their blitz found Brady. The Patriots were stopped cold. It seemed only a matter of time before Brady’s description of ‘mental toughness’ took hold. Year after year the combination of Kraft, Belichick and Brady produced unequalled trophies and records in the history of the NFL. Consistently finishing first in the AFC and qualifying for post game playoffs and three super bowls, the Patriots were still circumspect as to whether the term, ‘dynasty’ was real or valid.

Super Bowl XLIX was the battleground that left all questions mostly answered. The Patriots now have four super bowl championships, Brady is only one of four NFL quarterbacks to win four superbowls, the only one to play in six, and the most TD passes in super bowl history. Never mind the record breaking wins and seasons. A now unchallenged dynasty.

When interviewed before the game, Russell Wilson, Seatlle’s quarterback said that the thing that he admired most about Brady was his strength in the ‘clutch’. And that brings us back to mental toughness. Brady is a master of staying focused and intent on the ‘kill’, the win, the championship. Every thing about him, Belichick, the organization, the style of play, event the uniforms is absolute class. And it is only by rebounding time and time again from the adversity of the big losses to the likes of the Giants, Denver, etc. that the team and Brady were able to forge a machine that is historic in stature. Go Pats!

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