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On this page, the reader will find a bio, history and learning curve of my time in sales as a salesperson, manager, trainer, executive and mentor, and self appointed guru.

It didn’t take long for my first position, fresh out of graduate school with an MA in Economics as an office manager in a construction firm for me to realize that the ‘guys’ who had it ‘made’ were the ‘salesmen’. “Man, they got it made!” I thought. “Company car, expense account, free lunches, cool clothes, and, most of all, freedom.- nobody knew where they really were! I’m all for this!” I determined. And so the march down sales/marketing/branding/leadership trail began. What a wild and crazy ride and the money wasn’t bad either. Enough, so that I retired at the age of 52!

And, so my reason for this page is to offer my story as a guideline for those interested, to cull out all the BS and ‘cut to the chase’ of what it takes to be a great salesperson, manager, leader and brander. The reader may find I have nothing to offer, but I doubt that- really! By way of my background in Economics, Philosophy and Life Experiences and mostly listening and observing, I rose to the top of the game and, better yet, left a legacy of AMAZING, TALENTED, SUCCESSFUL, HAPPY sales individuals in my wake.

So, you’re invited to take the ride as I share some of the best secrets the MASTERS taught me along the way.

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