“Willing To Die”…Alan Watts


The ‘flip side’ of Life! It is the ‘Blessing’ that I received when I came down with cancer at the age of 13. Throughout my life, I was constantly reminded that ‘osteosarcoma’ was so lethal that odds were I should have died. Constant reminders throughout my life that I was living beyond expected survival rates. And, the result, I lived it LARGE! I didn’t wait to live. I did not postpone much. I grabbed and lived what I could and devoured it all. I realize more and more, that there is nothing to fear, especially when you are willing to embrace the inevitable- DEATH! And so daily, I perform a personal ritual of being ‘willing to die’.

‘Courage is something we earn…” Malcom Gadwell


“Courage is something acquired! We are, all of us, not merely liable to fear, we are also prone to being afraid of being afraid and the conquering of fear produces exhilaration.” Gadwell then gives examples of feelings of courage from survivors of the Blitzkrieg of London. “The contrast between the previous apprehension and the present relief and current feeling of security produces the self confidence that is the very father and mother of courage.”

“Courage is not something that you already have that makes you brave when the tough times start. Courage is what you earn when you’ve been through the tough times and you see that they are not so tough after all.” What the Germans didn’t realize that their theory that the bombings would frighten the British into acquiescence were wrong. Instead of producing fear, the result was the British emerged more courageous than they were previous to the bombings.

“David and Goliath…Battling Giants!” Malcom Gadwell


Just downloaded this from Audible.com Gadwell does it again. His proposition is that size, power, might are all illusionary in that, individuals and societies have mistakenly perceived ADVANTAGE for just those things. In fact, it was David who had all the ‘Power’ and advantage. He was an expert ‘slinger’ who could take down the slower and ‘weighted down’ Goliath with speed, distance and accuracy. Goliath didn’t stand a chance!

So what is Malcom saying? It is what I learned years ago: “Take a ‘perceived’ liability and convert it into an asset or advantage.”
A case in point. Years ago before the idea that I would ever be able to do stand up comedy, a client in a local hospital changed the direction of my life and career with comment that she had witnessed a movie over the weekend and noticed that the ‘star’ reminded her of me. I blushed (she was gorgeous). Flattered and shocked, I asked, “What kind of movie was it?” She laughed and howled, “A Woody Allen movie!” I was crushed! I didn’t ‘SEE’ it. I decided to test her hypothesis. I got a pair of ‘Woody Allen’ glasses and looked in the mirror. Damn! She was right! Now my dilemma was how to deal with this. I decided to convert a ‘perceived’ liability into an asset. I bought a copy of ‘Stand Up Comic’- Woody’s Best Album- and memorized it. I was an instant hit at cocktail parties, etc. In no time, I was hurled into the world of stand-up comedy! Voila! Perceived Liability = Converted Asset!

Perceived advantage does not account for sheer will, determination, creativity, steadfastness or any other ‘imperceptible’ advantage you may have to make it in a ‘Giant World’. In short, there is no such thing as ‘IMPOSSIBLE’!

Conscious Capitalism

Another book that ‘found’ me! Along with all the great thinkers and ‘futurists’, Mackey (founder, CEO, Whole Foods) purports his Captialist ‘Manifesto’: It will be impossible for a company/organization/entrepreneur/individual to survive in the New Millennium without acknowledging, fostering, and promoting its/his/her ‘stakeholders’. Those unfamiliar with the term and quickly brought up to date by Mackey. They are not just your clients but rather a spectrum of ‘units’ that have a stake in your organization/enterprise. Everything from clients to your local community. A sample would look like this: customers, shareholders, investors, employees, local and federal governments, suppliers, etc. Anyone and anything that holds a ‘stake’ in the life of your organization.

He takes a healthy, holistic an realistic  look at the current economic scene and environment. As a ‘conscious entrepreneur’ he understands the interconnectedness of  everything (cosmically and economically). The scene moves from one of ‘dog eat dog’ competition to support,co-operation and interdependence. Co-marketing, partnering, sharing, awareness and support are the new tools of success. In the new arena of the digital/internet age he sets the guidelines for success and sustainability. Ironically, he is dedicated not only to organic foods but organic business.

Throughout the work, he emphasizes the essential role the entrepreneur plays and will play in ‘conscious capitalism Whether it is a multinational corporation or  mom and pop store, entrepreneurs are the new ‘movers and shakers’ of the new age.

If you don’t align with ‘Conscious Capitalism’ one may be choosing the way of an entrepreneurial dinosaur.