Conscious Capitalism

Another book that ‘found’ me! Along with all the great thinkers and ‘futurists’, Mackey (founder, CEO, Whole Foods) purports his Captialist ‘Manifesto’: It will be impossible for a company/organization/entrepreneur/individual to survive in the New Millennium without acknowledging, fostering, and promoting its/his/her ‘stakeholders’. Those unfamiliar with the term and quickly brought up to date by Mackey. They are not just your clients but rather a spectrum of ‘units’ that have a stake in your organization/enterprise. Everything from clients to your local community. A sample would look like this: customers, shareholders, investors, employees, local and federal governments, suppliers, etc. Anyone and anything that holds a ‘stake’ in the life of your organization.

He takes a healthy, holistic an realistic  look at the current economic scene and environment. As a ‘conscious entrepreneur’ he understands the interconnectedness of  everything (cosmically and economically). The scene moves from one of ‘dog eat dog’ competition to support,co-operation and interdependence. Co-marketing, partnering, sharing, awareness and support are the new tools of success. In the new arena of the digital/internet age he sets the guidelines for success and sustainability. Ironically, he is dedicated not only to organic foods but organic business.

Throughout the work, he emphasizes the essential role the entrepreneur plays and will play in ‘conscious capitalism Whether it is a multinational corporation or  mom and pop store, entrepreneurs are the new ‘movers and shakers’ of the new age.

If you don’t align with ‘Conscious Capitalism’ one may be choosing the way of an entrepreneurial dinosaur.