“David and Goliath…Battling Giants!” Malcom Gadwell


Just downloaded this from Audible.com Gadwell does it again. His proposition is that size, power, might are all illusionary in that, individuals and societies have mistakenly perceived ADVANTAGE for just those things. In fact, it was David who had all the ‘Power’ and advantage. He was an expert ‘slinger’ who could take down the slower and ‘weighted down’ Goliath with speed, distance and accuracy. Goliath didn’t stand a chance!

So what is Malcom saying? It is what I learned years ago: “Take a ‘perceived’ liability and convert it into an asset or advantage.”
A case in point. Years ago before the idea that I would ever be able to do stand up comedy, a client in a local hospital changed the direction of my life and career with comment that she had witnessed a movie over the weekend and noticed that the ‘star’ reminded her of me. I blushed (she was gorgeous). Flattered and shocked, I asked, “What kind of movie was it?” She laughed and howled, “A Woody Allen movie!” I was crushed! I didn’t ‘SEE’ it. I decided to test her hypothesis. I got a pair of ‘Woody Allen’ glasses and looked in the mirror. Damn! She was right! Now my dilemma was how to deal with this. I decided to convert a ‘perceived’ liability into an asset. I bought a copy of ‘Stand Up Comic’- Woody’s Best Album- and memorized it. I was an instant hit at cocktail parties, etc. In no time, I was hurled into the world of stand-up comedy! Voila! Perceived Liability = Converted Asset!

Perceived advantage does not account for sheer will, determination, creativity, steadfastness or any other ‘imperceptible’ advantage you may have to make it in a ‘Giant World’. In short, there is no such thing as ‘IMPOSSIBLE’!