Wheels on a Suitcase!


A few readers will understand this. Many will not remember the days when there were no wheels on a suitcase. I lived during the time of the ‘no wheel’ suitcase. Then one day, a suitcase with wheels appeared. Out of Nowhere! It popped into existence. It popped into existence through some ‘genius’. First it was an idea; then it was put to paper; next it was prototyped and then it was put into production and ‘Voila’!” The world was no longer burdened like it had been for CENTURIES!

Why did it take so long? I mean, people had been lugging their clothing, tools, belongings, wares forever without putting wheels on the bags they portered. It wasn’t a big stitch. Think of it. Humans had invented the wheel probably not much longer after they thought of the bag or box. For centuries there were wagons, carts, dollies. Vehicles with wheels. The bags were put on the vehicles with wheels. But once the bag was off the vehicle with wheels, people began to sweat and tug and lug and slip disks and strain muscles and all the accompanying pains of carrying your crap around.

Nobody looked at a suitcase or bag and then the wheel and said, “Hey, that might work! Think of the chiropractor bills I can skip by putting those little things on that big, back breaking thing.” Now, I am pointing out no small thing here. Think of the ‘geniuses’ that lugged their stuff around all their lives and NEVER thought,”Hey, I just wrote my ‘Ninth Symphony’. I am a genius. Why am I carrying this huge frkn bag around? Duh!”

Folks, “Einstein carried his own suitcase! “Today, I wrote E= MC 2 and am closer to my theory of relativity. I am a genius. I wrote the book on Quantum Physics but my back is killing me from the junk in this suitcase. Duh!”

So one day, I don’t know where, when or how, but some ordinary shmuck like us said,”I am soo tired of this BS of carrying this heavy bag.There must be a better way! Wait a minute. There is a couple of wheels over there. Duh! Why don’t I put them on the bottom of this thing and see what happens. OMG! It works! I think, I”m a gonna be rich!’

And so it goes…you don’t have to be a ‘genius’ to get rich because you are already that ‘genius’! You have the ability to look at something differently than anyone before you and create something new, unique and useful! Good LUCK!

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